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  People who've most influenced me: Alan Kay, who invented Flex and Smalltalk and opened my eyes to a new way of looking at programming; Donald Knuth, possibly one of the greatest programmers and an inspiration to me; Ken Iverson, who has a unique vision of the use of computers and mathematics; Guy Steele, one of the core individuals in the design of Java and author of the definitive books on Common LISP.
People and organizations that I've worked with: Ken Gregory; Rob Lovell; Thecla Schiphorst; V2.
  My city: Vancouver!

Development tools: Digitool, Squeak, Franz Lisp, LispWorks, Metrowerks, Xcode, Icon, Clean, Beta, OpenMCL (and also ALU).

Writing tools: LaTeX, CMacTeX, MetaPost (with a lot more at CTAN and TUG).

And, of course: Cycling74, jMax.

  LISP (Symbolics, TI Explorer), TINI, JStamp, Javelin, gumstix, DCT, Medallion, Bit Savers, Phidgets.
  LISP (Cltl2, On Lisp, Gentle Introduction).
  Version Tracker, Joy of Tech, Low End Mac, Discount Mac Club.

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