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  • [2008/06/06] reorganized and reconstructed the web-site using DreamWeaver.
  • [2004/02/13] added the "Links" web-page to the site.
  • [2004/02/02] today is the 1000th day of operation for OpenDragon!
  • [2004/02/01] added Mac OS 9 versions of the 'phidgets' plugins for the fidget object.
  • [2004/01/29] reorganized the examples archive to match the organization of the Max objects.
  • [2004/01/16] changed references to 'Carbon' to be 'Cats'.
  • [2004/01/13] added the 'phidgets' plugins for the fidget object.
  • [2003/12/02] added support for "don't care" values for the map1d, map2d and map3d objects.
  • [2003/11/23] resolved the problems with the sysLogger object and Mac OS X, so it's back in the distribution.
  • [2003/11/15] added the "News" and "Gallery" web-pages to the site; work has begun on the "missing pieces" of some of the Max objects (rcx, serialX and sysLogger) that are needed for compatibility with Mac OS X. OpenDragon will soon be Open Source - watch this space for news!

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