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  • 2006/July: reorganized the objects in anticipation of porting to Xcode, changed references to 'Cats' to 'OS X', which is less confusing.
  • 2006/January: added the senseX object.
  • 2005/November: added support for Mac OS X to the rcx object.
  • 2005/July: corrected a bug with multiple tcpClient, tcpMultiServer or tcpServer objects being loaded at the same time; added the objects udpPort and Vsplit.
  • 2005/May: corrected voice-change bug in speak.
  • 2004/September: modified the tcpClient, tcpMultiServer and tcpServer objects to support 'raw' mode transfers.
  • 2004/July: modified the rcx object to support sending messages.
  • 2004/January: changed references to 'Carbon' to 'Cats'.
  • 2003/December: added support for don't care values in the map1d, map2d and map3d objects.
  • 2003/November: added the object fidget; removed a potential race condition in the gvp100, ldp1550, mtc, spaceball and x10 objects; restored the sysLogger object to the OS X distribution.
  • 2003/June: completed conversion to Carbon; dropped the serialX object from the OS X distribution, as the functionality is provided in the current serial object; dropped the rcx and sysLogger objects from the OS X distribution due to problems with libraries used by them; added the objects Vassemble, Vdecode, Vencode, Vltrim, Vrtrim, Vtokenize, Vtrim and Vunspell.
  • 2003/March: began conversion to Carbon, for use with Mac OS X.
  • 2002/October: converted objects to CodeWarrior 8; corrected logic errors in the objects map1d, map2d, map3d, tcpClient and tcpServer; added code to support forcing the state of the DTR signal in serialX.
  • 2002/September: modified the objects tcpClient, tcpMultiServer and tcpServer to accept a parameter of the number of receive buffers to use; improved the handling of fast messages for the objects tcpClient, tcpMultiServer and tcpServer.
  • 2002/August: added the object Vcollect.
  • 2002/June: converted objects to CodeWarrior 7, which no longer supports the Motorola MC68xxx processors, so all new objects will be PowerPC-only -- the older objects will still be available for both (in a Max 3.x archive or a Max 4.x archive).
  • 2002/April: added the rcx object; improved the handling of non-standard list elements for all objects.
  • 2002/March: added the 'kind' command to x10; modified x10 to accept a parameter of the kind of X-10 controller attached; modified the listType, pfsm, serialX, speak, tcpClient, tcpMultiServer and tcpServer objects to properly handle the Max special characters (comma, semicolon and the dollar sign); added the fileLogger and sysLogger objects.
  • 2002/February: began restructuring for Max 4.x; modified internal resources so that Max collectives and standalone applications can be built.
  • 2002/January: added the 'dtr' command to serialX; relocated the OpenDragon web-site; enhanced the output format for the map1d, map2d and map3d objects.
  • 2001/October: added an optional argument to the Vceiling, Vfloor, Vround and Vtruncate objects which indicated the desired output format; modified serialX to support external clocking.
  • 2001/July: added the 'self' commands to the tcpClient, tcpMultiServer and tcpServer objects; added sample Java code for connecting to the tcpMultiServer or tcpServer objects; added raw-mode support to mtc; added the spaceball object.
  • 2001/June: deployed the OpenDragon web-site!
  • 2001/May: developed the Vcos, Vexp and Vsin objects; began design of the web-site.
  • 2001/April: developed the listen, map3d, mtcTrack, queue, speak, Vabs, Vdistance, Vinvert, Vlog, Vmean, Vnegate, Vreverse, Vrotate and Vsqrt objects.
  • 2001/March: completed the conversion of the documentation from PageMaker/Illustrator to LaTeX/MetaPost.
  • 2001/February: improved the graphics elements of the documentation.
  • 2001/January: converted the documentation to LaTeX, but continued to use Illustrator for the diagrams.
  • 2000/November: developed the map1d, map2d, tcpLocate, Vceiling, Vfloor, Vreduce, Vround, Vscan and Vtruncate objects.
  • 2000/October: developed the caseShift, listType and tcpMultiServer objects.
  • 2000/September: completed the first version of the documentation for the Max objects.
  • 2000/July: developed the drop, jet, length, segment and take objects. These were later renamed to Vdrop, Vjet, Vlength, Vsegment and Vtake, respectively, to retain consistency with the other vector-manipulating objects.
  • 2000/June: developed the memory and stack objects.
  • 2000/May: developed the pfsm object. The complexity of this object resulted in the need for more complete documentation than was available up to this time.
  • 1999/December: developed the mtc object.
  • 1999/April: developed the compares object.
  • 1998/October: developed the bqt, changes, dataType, gcd and wqt objects.
  • 1998/September: developed the notX and serialX objects.
  • 1998/August: developed the tcpClient and tcpServer objects.
  • 1998/June: developed the gvp100 object.
  • 1996/September: developed the ldp1550, x10 and x10units objects.

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